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Cathedral In a Day

We are building a cathedral for the Anglican diocese of Taita-Taveta Kenya. It is a historical landmark because this will be the second Anglican cathedral in the coast province of Kenya and the first to be built after independence.

Currently there is a congregation of about 400 people worshipping in two tents in the cathedral site. It has been allocated as a parish known as Cathedral Project Site Parish and they have Sunday Services at 7am, 9am, 11am and 5pm.

The Cathedral will be built in phases:

  • 1 The Foundation Pillars 
  •   2 Mezzanine floor
  •   3 The Steel Frame Roofing
  • 4 The Roof Covering
  •   5 The Ground Floor Slab
  •   6 Wall Infill
  •   7 The Finishing Phase

  • Architect Impression
  • Foundation Pillars
  • Foundation and Mezzanine
  • Mezzanine Phase
  • Steel Frame Roofing
  • model

We have had four yearly fundraisings a total of about 10 million has been raised and used for the designing, construction of foundation, pillars and are now making progress in casting the mezzanite floor as seen in the above picture taken in march 2014. We need much more to make further progress. See the commitment form.

Pictures as per December 2016:

  • cath1
  • cath2
  • cath3

Join us in making history for God’s glory, “WE HAVE STARTED IN FAITH”.

You can also support the project by sending your contribution to the Safaricom ACK Taita Taveta Diocese Till Number 199352

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