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Diocese of New England visit To Taita Taveta

The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Father Brian Barry

" When asked about my trip to Kenya, I find myself explaining that we really had two very different experiences. The first was a week in rural Kenya, sharing in a healing and teaching mission in the Diocese of Taita Taveta. The second was the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in Nairobi. In the first week, we got an amazing glimpse of a thriving Kenyan Anglican diocese. In the second week, we zoomed out and saw Anglican leaders from many peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations. Both experiences gave us a fuller picture of global Anglicanism, one by zooming in on the Church in a specific context, and one by zooming out and seeing representatives from all around the world gathered in one room.

Healing Mission in the Diocese of Taita Taveta

I was initially unsure of what we had to offer our Kenyan friends in terms of the ministry of the Holy Spirit and of healing. I found that their needs are very much like our own; they want to be faithful and biblical, but have heard and seen many strange things that are attributed to the Spirit and don’t know what to make of it. We emphasized that the Holy Spirit and healing are both God’s gifts to us, and we need not fear them. Bishop Bill led us into an approach to this ministry that is biblical, humble, gentle, respectful, and in good order. This was received with joy as we taught throughout the diocese.

The life of the Church in this diocese was incredible; their churches were found everywhere you turned; from one of the churches, I was able to look down into a valley and see three others, all full, all embracing their deep connection with one another as a diocese.

Yes, we went on safari. We saw lions, had tea with elephants, saw zebras play, drove through a herd of cape buffalo, prayed noontime prayer with a baboon, and sang both “O Gracious Light” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” as the sun set over the African plain. "


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