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Church and Communuty Mobilization Process (CCMP) is a development tool.



C. Church and

C. Community

M. Mobilization

P. Process

Objective of Ccmp: To empower people to transform their situation holistically using God given local resources.

Stages of Ccmp: Church awakening, church and community description, church and community information gathering, analysis and decision making.

Pillars of Ccmp: Holistic human transformation, Relationships, Sustainability, Empowerment of people, Process rather than product, Reaching God given potential, Resources, Local church transforming its immediate community, Changed change agents.

Short Historical Background of CCMP.

CCMP came from a programme known as PEP { participatory evaluation process} which was designed by Dr. Judy Hutchinson from 1982—1984 when she was a director of evaluation at the World Vision International and now she is a professor at the Azusa-Pacific University in California, United States Of America. PEP has four stages which are Description, Information gathering, Analysis and Decision making. In 1983 she trained a team of project coordinators for World Vision Kenya to spearhead PEP in Kenya one of them being Dr. Francis Njoroge who is the chief facilitator of CCMP in Kenya and other countries. When she left the organization in 1995, she continued with PEP as an independent consultant till 1998 when she was again invited by Tear fund UK to pilot PEP with one of its partners the African Inland Church Of Tanzania {AICT} the diocese of Mara and Ukerewe. When the evaluation was done in the year2000 it was discovered that the results were amazing because the communities were revived in terms of team working and projects and also they were taking charge to transform their situations. However the evaluation raised an important concern that while the communities were awakened and transformed, the local church remained aloof to it all and stagnant. It was concluded that the change which was happening was just one sided I mean physical change and not holistic which mean physical and spiritual and this is because PEP focuses only the community. Through that concern, it emerged a need of redesigning the process so that it may touch the whole person meaning both physical and spiritual. Therefore PEP gave birth to CCMP.


This journey of CCMP in the ACK Diocese of Taita Taveta started in the year back 2010. The top leadership of the Diocese, I mean Bishop and Archdeacons were invited for a reorienting workshop for CCMP by ADS Pwani through Tear Fund Kenya at ACK guest house Likoni {Mombasa}. At the end of the workshop, the team greed to adopt CCMP in the Diocese way forward being to select 15 parishes which their clergy will be trained to facilitate the process in those parishes because they were pilot centers. The 15 parishes which were selected are: Taveta Archdeaconry--Ack Ngarighashi under the leadership of Rev Raymond Manyoki, and Ack Mata under the leadership of Rev. Mathias Letiaki. By then Wusi Archdeaconry including Mwatate Archdeaconry—Ack Maktau under the leadership of Rev. Maria Mwashigadi. Werugha Archdeaconry—Ack Werugha under the leadership of Ven. Livingstone Mwang’ombe. Mbale Archdeaconry—Ack Mbauro under the leadership of Rev. Philip Mwakilenge and Ack Mbale under the leadership of Rev. Hanington Mkala. By then Kighombo Archdeaconry including Ndome Archdeaconry—Ack Mkwachunyi under the leadership of Ven. Irene Cosmas, Ack Mwambota under the leadership of Rev. Alex Mwasi and Ack Mlundinyi under the leadership of Rev. Noel Mwachofi. Rong’e Archdeaconry—Ack Rong’e under Rev. Patrick Mwailagho Maza and Ack Mrangi under the leadership of Rev. Oliver M. Mchugwa. By then Sagalla Archdeaconry including Voi Archdeaconry—Ack Cathedral Site under the leadership of Rev. Michael Mwaita and Ack Kaloleni under the leadership of Rev. Loice Mbela. Kasigau Archdeaconry—Ack Maungu under Ven. Benard Mwasi and Ack Bungule under Rev. Patrick Kaboko. In the same year of 2010 in the month of December, this group of 15 clergies started attending trainings and workshops towards the same and CCMP begun officially in all these 15 parishes in the year of 2011. However in the long run, some centers like Ack Mlundinyi, Ack Maktau, Ack Rong’e, and Ack Mwambota fall out due to transfer of the clergies but forcing the transferred clergies to begin afresh in their new parishes. These new parishes were:--Ack Manganga Mruru under the leadership of Rev. Noel Mwachofi, Ack Shigharo under the leadership of Rev. Alex Mwasi, Ack Shelemba under the leadership of Maria Mwashigadi and Ack Bughuta under the leadership of Rev. Patrick Mwailagho Maza. Again after some time, Ack Werugha fall out because the congregants and the leadership of church had challenges of adopting the process but the facilitator Ven. Livingstone Mwang’ombe had a great passion of engineering the process. Ack Mbauro also fall out because the facilitator Rev. Philip Mwakilenge had his own personal problems and Ack Maungu also fall out because the facilitator Ven. Benard Mwasi became sick and happened that he cannot facilitate. Ack Mata and Ack Manganga Mruru joined the group of fall out because the centers were not performing.

     Due to the fall out of some centers, the number of the pilot centers reduced from 15 to 10. These centers are:-

$1vTaveta Archdeaconry:-Ack Ngarighashi which is being facilitated by Rev. Patrick Mwailagho Maza, Rev. Raymond Manyoki and Mr. Kennedy Mwandigha who is a Lay facilitator.

$1vMbale Archdeaconry:- Ack Mbale being facilitated by Rev. Loice Mbela and Mr. Joseph Mwawasi who is a lay facilitator and Ack Shigharo being facilitated by Rev. Alex Mwasi and Mr. Ernest Mzera who is a lay facilitator.

$1vRong’e Archdeaconry:- Ack Mrangi being facilitated by Rev. Boniface Mwakina and Mrs. Hannah Mghanga a lay facilitator.

$1vVoi Archdeaconry:- Ack Cathedral Site which is facilitated by Rev. Michael Mwaita and Mr. Naphtali Mwamburi Ituka a lay facilitator and Ack Kaloleni which is being facilitated by Rev. Geoffrey Mwanjulu, Rev. Hanington Mkala attached facilitator and Mrs. Dorcas Wavua a lay facilitator.

$1vKighombo Archdeaconry:- Ack Mkwachunyi being facilitated by Rev. Can. Gibson Mwanganyi, Ven. Irene Cosmas {attached facilitator} and Mrs. Mercy Makongo who is a lay facilitator and Ack Shelemba being facilitated by Rev. Maria Mwashigadi and Mr. Ezard Mshila a lay facilitator.

$1vKasigau Archdeaconry:- Ack Bughuta being facilitated by Rev. Felix Mchaka, Rev. Benard Kilonzo {attached facilitator} and Mr. Christopher Dadi a lay facilitator and Ack Bungule being facilitated by Rev. Zablon Lalu and Mr. Jacob Mwakangalu a lay facilitator.

In the year 2013 we had our first Diocesan coordinator Rev. Loice Mbela who coordinated the process in the 10 centers and in the whole Diocese because this same year emerged a concern that all clergy have to undergo the process for the sake of sustainability and avoid the challenge of transfer. This coordinator was being fully supported by Tear Fund through ADS Pwani. This same team of 10 clergy facilitators constituted a management committee to engineer the process in the entire Diocese. The executives were Rev. Oliver m. Mchughwa {Chairman}, Ven. Irene Cosmas {vise chairperson}, Rev. Benard Kilonzo {secretary}, Rev. Maria Mwashighadi {vice secretary}, Rev. Patrick Maza {treasure and all other clergy being committee members. In 2014 during the month of April the diocesan facilitators mobilized the entire diocese by holding a three days church awakening workshop at Ack St Bartholomew School Voi for all church workers of the diocese and a lay from each parish. This workshop was funded by parishes and it was well attended. The chief facilitator during this workshop was Ven. Dominick Santeto from Kericho Diocese. The 2nd diocesan coordinator is the author of this document Rev. Oliver M. Mchughwa {Tidd Jakes} who took the mantle from January 2016. He is being fully supported by the diocese because from this year 2016 the organization only supported the trainings. Currently the 10 pilot centers are in stage three known as information gathering. Although centers like Ack Mbale, Ack Bughuta, Ack Kaloleni and Ack Shigharo begun afresh and they are still in 1st stage Church Awakening because previously the entire congregations were not participating but was just a group of people but for now the entire congregations are involved. Currently ccmp is happening almost in all parishes our diocesan bishop Rt; Rev; Liverson Mng’onda being in the forefront to engineer the process.


$1Ø  Individual and church projects in all pilot parishes. Ack Mrangi complete modern vicarage, increase of church offering, church came up with a strategic plan {2015—2020}, tiled and decorated church building and K.A.M.A banana plantation. Mrs. Hannah Mghanga improving her banana plantation, beginning a Ken bro poultry farming and buying a motor bike for bodaboda business and Mss. Mary Mleghwa improving her agriculture. The vicar Rev. Wughoma also very active in vegetable and poultry farming. Ack Mbale complete modern vicarage , increase of church offering, Friday morning prayer turn up increase, begin of operation men come back to the church and Mrs. Jacinta Mwang’ombe passion fruit farming. She has also mobilized the community and started a group for passion fruit farming. Mothers have begun selling mandazi prepared with ripe bananas. Ack Ngarighashi increase in offering, painting church building, church tiled and terrazzo in some parts and Mrs. Joyce Achieng has rental houses, runs a fish business, sell new imported clothes and she has expanded her business. Ack Shelemba church tiled, plastered and installed electricity, individuals bought for the church plastic chairs, operation nunua bibilia initiative, church begun apple mango plantation project and planted 40 plants, Rev. Maria beginning poultry farming and selling of bedsheets and Mr Ezard Mshila improving his banana plantation. Ack Cathedral Site begun a rehabilitation center {CaReCe}, youth building their kiosk for small business, assisted a needy parish with some amount, and the vergers wife begun a business for liquid soup and bleach, some 2 individuals bought for the church 29 songs books and 26 prayer books. Ack Mkwachunyi church tiled, install piped water at the church and at the nearby nursery school, bought tents and plastic chairs for hire, joint collecting of tamarind and baobab seeds for sell, Mercy Makongo keeps local chickens and Christine Maghanga keeps local chickens and harvest baobab seeds for sell. Ack Kaloleni acquired church farm for income generating, and construction of K.A.M.A kiosk outside the church. Ack Bughuta increase of church offering resulting to ability to pay quota, finished vicarage, mothers union constructing the church kitchen and Madline Gift keeps local chicken the highest recorded being 100 birds. Ack Bungule finished vicarage, notable increase of offering, Mr. Jacob Mwakangalu took a child to China by selling 30 goats as part of fees by appreciating that they were also part of his resources and Mrs. Clemence Mwachia does seed bulking for indigenous trees and also has nurseries for fruit trees and vegetables. Also through ccmp mothers built a rental house, the church constructed a modern toilet and a church dispensary is on progress. Rev. benard Mberi of Ack Kirutai progressing through poultry farming and Rev. Jemima Mwarong’e of Ack Mlalenyi very active in vegetable farming. There are many other individual and church projects throughout the diocese.

$1Ø  Improved relations between individuals and in churches and communities. Ack Mrangi gave a piece of land to the community for developments.

$1Ø  Improved charity of mercy in the churches and communities e.g. food and clothe distribution and pastoral visits. Ack Mkwachunyi mobilized the community and build up a house for Mr. Samboja who is a single old person and also the church assisted a widow from PEFA church who had been abandoned by her children {now deceased}. Ack Shelemba committed to take care of one community disabled person by feeding and clothing him {now a deceased}.

$1Ø  Continuous spirit of individuals and families volunteering to God’s service even by shouldering projects independently.

$1Ø  Fellowships being enhanced.

$1Ø  Congregants reading more the word of God.

$1Ø  CCMP being owned and supported by the diocesan leadership, archdeaconry, deanery and parishes.

$1Ø  Parishes and pilot centers selecting committed lay facilitators for the sake of sustainability.

$1Ø  CCMP being adopted by the entire diocese as a tool for holistic transformation.

$1Ø  Having a diocesan team of facilitators going all round to train parishes in Archdeaconry level.


$1vSome pioneer parishes/centers and facilitators falling out either because of transfers, personal interests and difficulties of centers in adopting the process.

$1vCommunity entry due to expectations of handouts by community members.

$1vSome clergy having difficulties to adopt the process.

$1vPilot centers not being at the same pace {some are lugging behind}.

$1vNot having a full time coordinator.

$1vReluctance of some clergy.


Rev. Oliver M. Mchugwa{Tidd Jakes}.

Vicar ACK Kasarani Sub parish and Diocesan CCMP Coordinator.

Cell Phone: 0701741707/0734150675.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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